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Can pain in sex be caused by taboos?

Our body has a memory. Our genitals have memory. The pelvis that "embraces" our genitals has memory. It is extremely common to be confronted with severe pelvic pain and dyspareunia and the cause is rooted in traumatic experiences.
The causes
When we refer to sex, we cannot separate the body from the mind. And of course dyspareunia could not be an exception. The causes of it are varied and influenced by multiple factors. Such as:
  • Fear and anxiety: about possible pregnancy?  fear of disease transmission?
  • Taboos: social and religious "imperatives" sometimes dramatically interfere with our desire for sex and make us ambivalent about whether or not we want to have sex.
  • Our mood: There are quite a few times when we have sex without desire!
  • History of sexual abuse and more: Physical and emotional abuse are sometimes enough for our bodies to react to sex with pain.
  • Unrealistic performance expectations: Fear that we are not adequate or good enough.
  • Problems in our relationship
  • Gynaecological problems, such as endometriosis or breast cancer or pelvic surgery
  • After pregnancy or childbirth or during the first few months as a parent.
The most normal human reaction to pain, fear, anxiety, is muscle contraction, tightness. This is exactly what happens in our pelvic floor muscles. That's exactly why it should be strong but also able to relax when we want it to. Find out how this is possible from the specialized physiotherapy staff at Physical Therapy PRAXIS centre.


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