Barbell workouts

Barbell workouts are great for developing muscle strength and endurance, and this form of resistance training is effective in maintaining bone mass as well as being an enjoyable form of weight training.

This type of workout can be easily modified for people who have pelvic floor issues or are at risk of developing problems.

Modifying a workout can be intimidating as no one wants to stand out in the crowd. As an instructor, my clients modify their workouts for all sorts of reasons and injuries, and I would prefer they take responsibility for their health. Remember that it’s your body and your workout, so own it and always remember to put your pelvic floor first.

Exercises performed above the head place much more pressure on the pelvic floor and as such, leaking is more likely to occur. Reduce the weight or perform a forward, lateral or rear shoulder raise with dumbbells. Alternatively, for triceps, a bent-over or supported (on the step) triceps kickback is preferable.

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