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Recovery after having a caesarean section

In the first week or two after having a caesarean it is common to experience discomfort or even pain when getting in/out of bed, walking any distance, carrying out any activities that cause strain on your tummy and when going to the toilet to pass urine or open your bowels. This is because of the wound in your tummy and womb and how your tummy muscles, bladder and bowel have been moved around during surgery. Having an anesthetic and pain medication can also leave you feeling more tired than usual and can sometimes cause sickness.

Usually the wound heals well and scar tissue will form within 3-4 weeks. A few women may get a wound infection, so if your pain is not settling, the wound becomes hot and red or you notice a discharge from your wound, tell your GP or midwife straight away. As the scar forms it can leave a strange numb feeling over it. For a few women too much scar tissue can form and leave the scar feeling tight and sore.

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