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Mrs. Fotini Lagari graduates from the “Technological Educational Institute of Athens” (TEI) in 1990 and continues study to attain degree parity to the corresponding Bachelor’s Degree (BA) of the “World Education Service, Inc.” of the USA. In 1994 she earns a Master’s Degree (MA) in Patho-Kinesiology by the Department of Physical Therapy of the New York University (N.Y.U.), under Dr. Marilyn Moffat.

During and in conjunction with her studies she trains in Isokinetics, 2D and 3D Movement Analysis, Aqua Physical Therapy, Strain-Counterstrain Technique, Cranio-Sacral Therapy Level I, Spine-Mc Kenzie Technique, Myofascial Release and Acupressure Therapy I & II. During this time she also attends seminars on Physical Therapy Business Management.

In 1993 she initiates her involvement in “Women’s Health Physical Therapy” under Elizabeth Noble (founder of the “Women’s Health Physical Therapy” section of the “American Physical Therapy Association”).

In 1996 she returns to Greece to work as a freelance professional, having accumulated solid professional experience in private physical therapy centers in Athens (Greece) and New York (USA), as a physical therapist in positions of responsibility such as manager, director of rehabilitation center and clinical trainer.

In 1998 she founds, together with Efimia - Mimi Marcellou, the Physical Therapy Center “Physical Therapy Praxis” in Athens Greece, which becomes her base of professional activities to date, while working as associate at the “Parimed SA” medical and fitness products company (1995-2001) and as scientific consultant of the “TENA, S.C.A.” hygienic company in Greece from 2012. From June 2015 till August 2016, she was employed under an independent consultant contract by the “Pelvic Floor and Intestine Physiology Lab” of the “Athen’s Medical Center” group (“Iatriko Kentro Athinon”).

With clinical experience in the USA and Greece centered on “Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Physical Therapy” and “Women’s Health Physical Therapy”, she focuses her clinical work on the treatment of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (Bladder, Bowel, Prolapse, Pelvic Pain & Sexual Dysfunction) in women and men.

In 2003 she founds, together with her business partner Efimia - Mimi Marcellou, a physical therapy program under the name of “M.A.M.A.” (“Maternal Embraces Under Guidelines”), along the guidelines of the “International Organization of Physical Therapy for Women’s Health”. The program includes physical therapy for Pregnancy, Incontinence, Gynecological / Maternity surgery, Breast Surgery, and Osteoporosis, with an emphasis on the physical therapy of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. The program was presented in 2006 at the “LETO” maternity hospital and in 2012 at the “YGEIA” health services group. In 2008 she conducted a seminar in Athens Greece on “Pelvic Floor – Perineum, Theory &Practice”, with Elizabeth Noble as the keynote speaker. In 2015 she also founds, along with her business partner, a physical therapy program under the name “Pelvic Floor Act”. The program’s goals are pelvic floor dysfunction physiotherapy for women and men (Bladder, Bowel, Prolapse, Sexual Dysfunction, and Pelvic Pain) along with education in pelvic floor prevention for midwives and physical fitness instructors.

In 2012, in collaboration with “TENA, S.C.A.” hygienic company in Greece and Professor Kari Bo, the internationally renowned Norwegian physical therapist researcher of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, she organizes a workshop in Greece on the “Pelvic Floor Muscle Training”, while having participated as facilitator and/or speaker in numerous scientific conferences on the theme of physical therapy of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. In conjunction with “TENA, S.C.A” in Greece she created and presented a series of four videos on the theme of “Pelvic Floor Muscle Training”. She has also published papers and authored articles of a like nature for scientific text.

In December 2014 (till 09/2016) she was elected president at the inaugural general assembly of the newly-founded scientific section of “Physical Therapy for Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction”, of the “Pan-Hellenic Association of Physical Therapists” in Greece.

Committed to the principle of continuing education and training, in 2011 she earns a Diploma in Acupuncture by the “Hellenic Physical Therapy Association of Algology” (EFEA) and in 2012 in New York U.S.A., she is accredited as trainer for the “Tupler Technique – Treatment for Diastasis Recti”.

In September 2015 she has been accepted at the University of Bradford UK at the Post Graduate Certification «Continence Certification for Physiotherapists (Study Pelvic Floor, Bladder, & Bowel Function and Dysfunction). At the same time (01/2016 – 01/2017) she attends educational courses in the UK to extend her training on “Physiotherapy assessment and management of female urinary dysfunction”, “Physiotherapy assessment and management of lower bowel dysfunction”, “Understanding pelvic organ prolapse – assessment and conservative management” and “Advanced Course in Manual Therapy for the Pelvic Floor” by the “Pelvic Obstetric & Gynecological Physiotherapy” section of the British “Chartered Society of Physiotherapy”.

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